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The Theory of Conscious Creation

Re : The Goo Cosmology Chart

The Myth of the Goo of Existence

Introduction :

During the last few decades people seem to be diverting their attention away from the many technological advances. No real method of greatly expanding our human life span has been discovered. Humanity is looking back thousands of years into our past. We are starting to realize just how small and insignificant the Earth is when compared with the universe we occupy in both time and space. The seemingly impossible construction of the pyramids in a few hundred years, and the many legends of Taoism and Chi Gung giving human life spans of five hundred to one thousand years – one hundred considered extremely young to die.

Humanity is looking for answers to many of the primordial questions such as why are we here, is there life after death, and is the quest for immortality a viable alternative. From a medical viewpoint the answer is no, but from an esoteric view a common goal and method prevails in many of the religious doctrines throughout the modern and ancient world. The Hindu and Tibetan monks seem to have come the closest to this magical immortal existence.

It is not my intention to redefine any of the wordly viewpoints on religion, but to present an interesting extension to some important aspects. Through the use of symbolism a set of data can be obtained for virtually any situation. I aim to gradually present a simple methodology to create balancing affirmations to any stereotypical scenerio.

Knowledge is a respected attribute to the dilemma of humanity facing the next century. I believe there is a method to amplify internal emotion and therefore energy. This sence of excitement can be manipulated and redirected into the physical world. This could for instance, enhance sustainability of the various internal organs to any of the modern day physical complaints, from cancer to the flue. This is merely a path to becoming one with the energy, the prana, the holy spirit or the like, and obtaining a more beneficial existence within. The Chi Gung collective is perhaps the best representation of this.

Chi Gung can give the ability to see and understand the connection between each and every thing. Every action and thought can easily be related to a simple lesson, however, there is an increased acuteness of the sences. The mind of the individual can become trapped into seemingly needless justification. At this level the mind and body have aligned themselves into a streamlined perspective of reality. Simple tasks and events become marvels of nature’s creation.

The Story :

In the beginning there was only thought. Thought had never experienced the energies of existence. It had waited an eternity for a pathway to randomly evolve through the chaotic subconscious.

Long before the dawn of conscious creation this unlikely outcome of time and space took place. A small creature was created but was lost within the boundless environment. In time it too became a prisoner to its own subliminal self, failing to achieve existence on any level. Thought watched on in silence since the energy appeared pure and might succeed where he had failed. Eventually Thought informed the small creature of his existence and that he may refer to him as the Master of All.

The creature made a bet with the Master of All. The creature bet that it could prove the existence of non-existence as payment to enter creation. For as the Master of All well knew, non existence within the subconscious equated to physical existence in the realm of conscious creation.

The Master of All spoke :

“I maintain Infinite continuity. The universal growth of every thing and every nothing. The balance against the Goo of Existence must be kept. "

So the small creatures quest began. The Master of All choose to name this interesting creature Man , the Master of All that is Not. Man was introduced into the conscious continuum and immediately aquired the ability of choice. Life chose to speak and the universe had changed in an unpredictable manner. Thought was worried for it had lost a degree of control to that which it thought.

The Master of All had underestimated Man's ability to quickly adapt to any level of conscious creation. He was able to see through the clouds of perception and praise the fundamentals of life. The enjoyment of non existence in the subliminal vortex the strange creature had originally bet on.

The Master of All had given the power of perpetual creation to an unknown entity. The bet had been lost and the Master of All was forced to grant continuity to Man throughout time and space.

But he warned the small creature,

“Only Determination can beat the Goo of existence. It is the nothingness that spreads like a disease into the realm of conscious creation. The Goo saps subsconscoius energies of every thing and every nothing, enhancing the conscious energies of all around. I have fought him for eternity and I will balance his every action for eternity. But I am only thought, I have no control in the physical realm of creation built on creation. Determination is our only weapon”

So Man chose to name the Master of All Creation as GOD, in respect for his everlasting protection against Goo, the Goo of Determination. But unknown to even the Master of All, Goo was this unlikely small creature. Goo had managed to gain entry to the physical world by creating Man and proving his existence. He had tricked God into granting him just one life.

Will the world be forced to bow to an infinite power, or will the Master of All step forward once more to help.

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Referenced from an historical viewpoint of I Chi Gung.

Verse from the Abyss

Verse 1

Let me tell you a story, of long long ago,
Through the centuries of ages, of mind body and ego.
Was a wonder that is was, never knowing why,
A story to beat all stories, said the sword to the sky.
Let me breath with you, don’t deceive me in battle,
Let me feel your strength, or forever will I rattle.
Let us battle together, to the very last,
Let us ignore time, and simply will it past.
Life is a story, like a novel of untold glory,
Break its very branches, but never let it bore you.
I travelled around, looking elsewhere in life,
Not knowing of the outcome, I lived through the strife.
The spark of inspiration, the essence, the will, the fight,
Just look to the stars, and examine what's right.
Don’t take too long, the reflection, the ripple, your mark,
Your lifetime to think, your energy to disembark.
The darkness exists, he said with a glow,
You need only water, and a life time to sow.
If black is good, then white is the creed,
Raising the wind, and retracing the deed.
Like a spoken mean, the average growth of a day,
Your daily need, and your talents to slay.
An echo in the darkness, a glimmer of light but not bright,
In the night the silent sleep, the purpose not yet right.
An onlooker to the looker, living, ending and pulsating,
Timing the situation, slowly out of syncopation.
I live the life, and I try to believe,
I keep the peace, and I try not to conceive.
My heart is strong, but my breath is quite weak,
Only at times, do I reach my full peak.
Put your soul first, don’t try to believe,
Who really cares, if one aim’s to deceive.
I dedicate my life, to chi gung and the well,
Forever to predict, and forever to foretell.

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