Sunday, March 23, 2008

Verse from the Abyss

Verse 1

Let me tell you a story, of long long ago,
Through the centuries of ages, of mind body and ego.
Was a wonder that is was, never knowing why,
A story to beat all stories, said the sword to the sky.
Let me breath with you, don’t deceive me in battle,
Let me feel your strength, or forever will I rattle.
Let us battle together, to the very last,
Let us ignore time, and simply will it past.
Life is a story, like a novel of untold glory,
Break its very branches, but never let it bore you.
I travelled around, looking elsewhere in life,
Not knowing of the outcome, I lived through the strife.
The spark of inspiration, the essence, the will, the fight,
Just look to the stars, and examine what's right.
Don’t take too long, the reflection, the ripple, your mark,
Your lifetime to think, your energy to disembark.
The darkness exists, he said with a glow,
You need only water, and a life time to sow.
If black is good, then white is the creed,
Raising the wind, and retracing the deed.
Like a spoken mean, the average growth of a day,
Your daily need, and your talents to slay.
An echo in the darkness, a glimmer of light but not bright,
In the night the silent sleep, the purpose not yet right.
An onlooker to the looker, living, ending and pulsating,
Timing the situation, slowly out of syncopation.
I live the life, and I try to believe,
I keep the peace, and I try not to conceive.
My heart is strong, but my breath is quite weak,
Only at times, do I reach my full peak.
Put your soul first, don’t try to believe,
Who really cares, if one aim’s to deceive.
I dedicate my life, to chi gung and the well,
Forever to predict, and forever to foretell.

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